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Parenting On The Spectrum

A Familiar Story

When I first heard the words “your son is not speaking, you should have him evaluated for autism”.  

As a new parent, when your child is 18 months old, those are the last words you want to hear. That something is “wrong” with your baby. I went into shock, my body froze with fear, sadness and I felt my stomach flip upside down.  The mixed emotions flooded in and I did not know what to do with what I just heard.

Was I sad, confused, angry, scared and frustrated?  Yes, all at once.  

One On One



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Olive Branch

Where to turn?

Then you are told to “go figure it out now”. There was no step-by-step guide or a home base for me to check in and see what my next steps were. There was google, me, a box of tissues and general information to search through for answers.

I had to figure out everything on my own. You don’t know at the moment that you are capable of getting through something until you do it. I had no help, little guidance and a whole lot of confusions, that was a recipe for overwhelm and isolation.  

"Enjoy your life outside of endless searching for the next step or answers."

My name is Rhiannon.

I want to help alleviate that feeling for other parents by making the process a little easier.  So you can focus on enjoying your life outside of endless searching for the next step or answers.  You as a parent matter greatly to be healthy, happy and confident for yourself and your child. 

The oxygen mask…

No wonder they tell us to put ours on first before the child. 

Life after a diagnosis shouldn’t have to be confusing and hard.  Feeling supported by people other than a doctor’s office or your family although well intended many times can’t relate to what you may be going through.  People that know firsthand and can relate to what you to are going through…that is a community.  Support, love and compassion.  

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